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I am absolutely delighted to present for you my 300 page paperback book “Too Old To Die Young”…..

This has been a labour of love for me for the past 18 months or so! Initially I wasn’t sure I actually wanted to release it until various people who had read the final draft encouraged me to do so! (see below)

So what is it…. Well its not a gritty tell all book, its a collection of stories (hopefully lighthearted and witty!) about my life in music, in particular with Paranoid Visions, from childhood all the way up to isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic, with plenty of diversions on the way.

This is a story of a DIY band in an alternative music scene, told for the first time by someone who was there. I have been told it captures the excitement that surrounds being involved in a band and the enthusiasm of an idealistic youth, who grew up through punk rock to realise that the excitement and enthusiasm is something that belongs to the genre, not the age group. Its a story of a band who has doggedly stuck to their principals  finding success in the most unlikely of scenarios.


The paperback edition is limited to 250 hand numbered and signed copies!



Peter Jones

This is a brilliant book. It captures the mayhem, chaos, passion and determination of Dublin’s outsider music scene in the 1980s and beyond. Paranoid Visions seemed like a cider-propelled Commitments, destined to lose, yet somehow, almost unbelievably, living to tell the tale and have the last laugh.
Michael Mary Murphy

As the great late Poison Girls singer, Vi Subversa once said ‘everyone has a story to tell’’.
Peter Jones knows this; her band were one of his guiding lights alongside the musical and ideas juggernaut of Crass. He has lived his life like a Dublin outpost of these so called anarcho idealists, these bands who made sense out of the blowtorch nihilism of punk, bands who explained what the anarchy the Sex Pistols sang about actually was. Since immersing himself into this world where punk became a 3D 24/7 lifestyle he has been creating music that makes sense out of the madness, art out of the confusion and songs out of the chaos.
Teaming up with the charismatic embodiment of Dublin street punk, Deko, to form Dublin’s most idiosyncratic punk band the Paranoid Visions, he has toured the world, stumbled through the high decibel carnage of the key festivals, drunk with the generational roll call of punk’s musical key players and staggered into the endless dawn of punk’s great adventure for decades. Somehow in the middle of all this he has created astonishing records that take pride in tearing the fabric of punk apart and stitching it back to his band’s own unique vision that embraces the art and adventure at the heart of punk.
This book is about that journey and how he got there.
All the best stories come from the frontline.
Especially in punk rock.
A music scene that always prided itself on its destruction of the star system, even if a certain veneer of showbiz has still maintained it’s clammy grip, the best tales are often from the fans. Peter Jones was a fourteen year old teenager swept up by punk rock when he was a Dublin youth and this book is full of that beautiful nativity of a fan entering a whole new world of music, action, ideas and styles. Like most of the youth who were blown away by the dayglo of punk rock that turned their monochrome worlds upside down, he was impacted by the sheer visual spectacle of the form before he could even hear any of the music. He first loves the Clash because he sees a photo of them with more pockets than he has ever seen. Those details make this book. Punk was as much about pockets and trousers as it was about guitar solos. It was everything. That’s what made it special.
Then he heard the Sex Pistols and, like everyone reading this book, his head was opened up to a million possibilities all arriving in 7 inch 45 amp manifestos and there is no going back. He digs the Boomtown Rats because they initially showed Dublin that you could escape into a punk wonderland. In your pyjamas if necessary!
He quickly moves through punk’s hinterland and lands on Crass. Nothing will ever be the same.
Immersed in the Dublin punk scene he teams up with Deko to create Paranoid Visions. There is chaos, there is madness, there are impossible gigs, mad concepts, brilliant white heat creativity and wild ideas that are created on their own terms that define the DIY core of punk rock.
If there was ever a definition of punk, it’s that wild eyed ideas and art can change your life. Its making music, art, style, ideas on your own terms, conjuring magic from thin air and not waiting for anybody’s permission to create.

This book captures this. A life dedicated to an idea. To an ideal.

A future made from no future.
John Robb

Once you’re involved with the Paranoid Visions bunch you find yourself caught up in a maelstrom of bottoms up, knees ups, cock ups and piss ups. And there isn’t a finer bunch of people to be doing it with.I hope you have as much fun and enjoyment reading about it as much as I did playing a small part in it.
Steve Ignorant


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