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The Lee Harveys NEW LP

The Lee Harveys release their highly anticipated new album…

and what an album it is!!!

early review says as follows:
The eagerly anticipated 3rd album from Dublin’s The Lee Harveys…. can ‘Bullet For The President’ live up to the critical acclaim of the first 2 albums ‘Gun City’ and ‘ Still Angry’? Of course it fucking can! I wouldn’t expect anything less from these lads. For any band to rattle off 3 consistently good albums is a feat in itself but to produce 3 consistently great albums is nothing short of amazing. On this latest offering the band come out firing from the hip, the trashiness of the previous 2 albums now replaced with a more hard edged melodic sound while still retaining that poppy punk blitzkrieg that we first fell in love with. Although the essence of the band is firmly rooted in 77 punk (think Radiators From Space, Undertones, Outcasts, Ramones, Clash etc…) The Lee Harveys are certainly not a retro or cliched punk band. This is fresh, vibrant punk rock for the modern age. Songs such as ‘Be What You Want To Be’, ‘Susie’ and ‘Lorraine’ encapsulate perfectly the singalong punky rock’n’roll that permeated those first two albums but ‘Bullet For The President’ provides proof (not that it is needed) that the Lee Harveys are no one trick pony by offering up a few surprises, no more so than the frantic, somewhat haunting ‘Modern Holocaust’, the passion displayed on this track enough to send shivers up your spine. Equally so, the mesmerising final track ‘Horses’ with its big swirling guitar sound producing a sense of urgency and foreboding akin to the Adverts ‘Great British Mistake’ or funnily enough Patti Smith’s ‘Horses’! No Lee Harveys album would be complete without the band setting their sights on the dark side of the American dream and here they duly oblige with the wonderful ‘American Jesus’ and the title track ‘Bullet For The President’. Two mid-tempo rockers perfectly showcasing Bitzy’s distinctive vocals and more importantly his intelligent, acerbic lyrics aided and abetted by those ringing, stinging guitars. Every song on the album is a winner, it’s a hook laden punk rock masterpiece but one song in particular keeps drawing me back again and again – ‘She’s Inside’, pure fucking genius! The Lee Harveys have raised the bar once again and are possibly the best band on planet punk at this moment in time! Do yourselves and the band a favour and buy this album. I fecking love The Lee Harveys and I hope you will come to love them too. The album is due for release on 23rd July on the FOAD Musick label.

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