MUNDY – 24 STAR HOTEL (red vinyl)


For the first time ever, MUNDY’S ‘24 Star Hotel’ is available, remastered, refurbished as a limited edition in Red Vinyl (plus 3 previously unreleased recordings via Digital Link)


24 Star Hotel was Recorded at Sarm West and Livingston Studios in London and Windmill Lane in Dublin. It was Produced by Tommy D (Catatonia, Finley Quaye, K.T Tunstall) and 3 Tracks by Andrew Philpot (Interference, Depeche Mode, The Frames).

Fun Fact!! This album was recorded at the same time, in the same building (Sarm West) as Madonna’s Album ‘Music’ and she even received a rough mix of the album that Mundy heard she liked!

This album wasn’t released until 3 years after it was recorded due to Sony/Epic Records deciding not to release a lot of newly recorded albums on its roster and eventually after being let go from the Label, Mundy legally won back the record.

In 2001, after an hour long slot at the Witness Festival, the song July paved the way for this album and its great collection of songs, to be released independently on Mundy’s newly invented Record Label ‘Camcor Recording’.

After an initial pressing of 3,000 copies, it eventually achieved ‘Multi Platinum Status’ and Mundy had to keep pressing new batches of the album.
He toured all around the globe and played with Artists such as The Frames, David Gray, Sterephonics and many more.

He was awarded ‘Best Irish Male’ Artist at the meteor awards. Other nominees included Bono,Christy Moore and Van Morrison.
Songs like ‘Mexico’, ‘July’ and ‘Anchor the Sun’ are all considered great songs, but the quieter, sweet little gems like ‘Linchpin’ and ‘Healthy’ are the real fan faves.

‘July’ was the first song in Ireland to chart on Downloads alone. The beginning of a new era and is rotated regularly on Irish Radio during the summer.
He sang this song on T.V with Imelda May.

The great Irish Crooner and Entertainer Joe Dolan recorded the song ‘Mexico’, which Mundy performed on National T.V with Joe Dolan and Paul Brady and recently on ‘The Late Late Show’ with Brady and John Sheehan from the Dubliners.

Mexico also appeared in the movie ‘Man about Dog’ and the series ‘Pure Mule’.
‘The Last Time’ was featured in the movie ‘Ripleys Game’ starring John Malcovich and Ray Winstone.



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