Paranoid Visions “Re-Dressed Explosions” Double Album


RELEASED April 2021


Re-Dressed Explosions is the third in the “Vinyl Countdown” series of re releases.


Volume one consisted of the Robot, Autonomy and Blood Empires 7″ singles along with Schizophrenia, Volume two consisted of “Bollox to Xmas” and now Volume 3 will include I Will Wallow as disc one and City of Screams as disc two. Produced on clear and white / green and clear splatter discs respectively, housed in a poster sleeve…these remastered records are going to look and sound beautiful!!!


This is the first time since the 1980’s that either of these records have been available in their original tracklisted format.

Price  is €22 plus postage, but as this is a double album it has pushed into the next weight band of postage up to €9 IRL and €11 UK/EU!


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