V/A – GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE LP (various coloured vinyl)

Pressed on Eco Mix vinyl (by www.rotatorvinyl.com), Give youth a chance is a charity LP (details below the tracklisting), benefitting homelessness in Blackpool and surrounding areas

The records are pressed on zero waste colours in small and random quantities!

Tracks have been denoted free of charge, fulfilment is donated free of charge and mastering was done free of charge to maximise the return for the charity


Give Youth A Chance

Cock Sparrer               Take It On The Chin                4.24

Los Fastidios                Kids Are Ready                        3.23

Angelic Upstarts          Anti Nazi                                  5.00

Fire Exit                       Townlife                                  2.43

UK Subs                       Squat ’96                                 3.25

Last Tree Squad           We’ll Be There 4 You               5.56

TV Smith                      Immortal Rich                         2.40

The Ruts                      Babylons Burning                    2.45

Paranoid Visions         egomaniac                              3.26

Vice Squad                   The World Is Wrong                3.06

Gun Street                   Stranded                                  2.41

B White Ribbons         S.O.P.H.I.E.                              4.13

blitzkrieg                     believe in yourself                   3.24

Every Donation Helps

Streetlife needs 120K+ a year in order to keep their night shelter open and to continue to support 400+ young people aged 17-25 each year. It is a huge task but with the support of our community we can do it!


“Nationally, Homelessness is a massive issue and it is something I’ve experienced myself so I was delighted to be asked to endorse Musicians Against Homelessness by founder Emma Rule. As well as the obvious financial support to organisations like CRISIS and Streetlife, MAH also gives a National platform for aspiring musicians and gives a lot of new bands a chance to play and to exist in a place where they can all shine on. Buy a copy of this Album, support the bands and help to eradicate homelessness.  Thank You”

Alan McGee – Creation  MAH LOGO

Produced by
Brian Reddington, Jez Wright, Peter Jones, Jon and Vikki Bamborough.

All profits go to Streetlife – a Blackpool Charity that provides support, shelter and direction to help vulnerable young people find their way.
and to CRISIS – the National Charity for the homeless.
find them on FaceBook or

www.wearestreetlife.org   www.crisis.org.uk


Special Thanks to Jennie, Darren, Daryl, Alan, Dominic and all the Rebellion family for their unstinting support of Streetlife and CRISIS over many years.

Compiled by Jon Bamborough MBE      Design by Jez Wright


Supported by Rebellion Festivals & Musicians Against Homelessness

Pressed by www.rotatorvinyl.com   A Toxic Production  TP0003LP

Mastered by Pete Holidai at Pilgrim Sounds Studios,  Dublin

Online distribution by www.advancerecords.com


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