Paranoid Visions “Re-Pressed Emotions” Double Album (pre-sale)




Re-Pressed Emotions is the first in the “Vinyl Countdown” series of re releases.


For the first time since the 1980’s we have gathered, digitised and remastered the first four Paranoid Visions records and compiled them into this beautifully presented double album.


Presented as two red and black splattered discs in a crass style poster sleeve, Re-Pressed Emotions consists of:


side 1: The Robot is Running Amok ep

side2: Autonomy ep and Blood Empires 7″

sides 3 & 4: Schizophrenia


Price  is €22 plus postage, but as this is a double album awe have pushed into the next weight band of postage up to €9 IRL and €11 UK/EU!


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