PROJECT (Stano, P.A, The Shend, Deko and Steve Ignorant) “It’s Just Like Meeting Picasso” Splatter vinyl LP



ft: STANO / P.A



FOAD2103 / LTW030






The 1980s in Irish music tend to be eulogised retrospectively as chiefly about U2 and Sinéad O’Connor. Dublin venues were reportedly thronged with hordes of A&R scouts looking for the next big thing. Gavin Friday’s advice to Kevin Shields and his fledgling band My Bloody Valentine was blunt and to the point: “Get out of Dublin.” And tellingly when they did… they became huge.


However, another Dublin was quietly brewing. Beneath the glossy floorboards, the basements and sewers were rife with the sounds of stubborn nihilists, experimenters and artists with no aspiration to mainstream success or allegiance to the music industry.


Two of these artists were Stano and Paranoid Visions, whose careers have run parallel for almost 40 years.  Stano, a former member of Dublin punk band The Threat, has collaborated with the likes of Colm Ó Cíosóig from the aforementioned My Bloody Valentine,  Brian Downey from Thin Lizzy, Gerry Leonard – Bowie’s Musical Director, and most recently jazz Legend Ron Carter from Miles Davis’s band and a huge eclectic mix of musicians since the 1980’s. He is regarded as a true innovator, with an intense understanding of sonic structure and always ahead of his time. Stano has a unique take on music production, he collaborates with musicians from all genres. His music is a hybrid of musical styles so if you’re looking for originality, Stano’s music has it all, beautiful melodies, powerful rhythms, other worldly layers and textures. Like Stano, but more aggressive and direct, Paranoid Visions have existed outside the music industry since 1981. Now in their 40th year the band has toured extensively in the UK, Europe, USA and Japan and has released upwards of 25 albums chalking up three hit singles and a top ten album in the process. Like Stano, the band have collaborated with many other artists, such as TV Smith (from the Adverts), the Shend (from the Cravats) and Steve Ignorant (from Crass). In fact, the latter recorded 3 albums and two singles with the band, the latest being in 2017.

Two years ago, having met at the launch party for Niall McGuirk and Michael Murphy’s book “In Concert”, P.A (the bands guitarist) suggested to Stano that they should do a project together, and the idea was born. Taking pieces Stano had created over the past 15 years and adding to it new pieces created during lockdown, the collaboration is being presented as an album under the name PROJECT. Titled “It’s just like meeting Picasso”, the album has vocal and lyrical contributions from Paranoid Visions’ Deko, The Shend and Steve Ignorant to create a sound that is part spoken word, part instrumental and completely unique.


Also collaborating with Cormac Figgis for design, the eyeball like record is as visual as it is sonic.

PROJECT will be released by FOAD Musick in association with Louder Than War records in June with distribution by and / SRD in the UK.


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